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But that got me into trouble, more than once, when I asked sweet, active members about their missions—and they hadn’t served or had returned home early. He was a quiet boy, but sweet, and as I later learned, he had a crush on me from our first meeting. As we got to know each other throughout the semester, he felt ashamed of his past and was afraid to tell me that he hadn’t served.It was always awkward, and I felt terrible for intruding into something they clearly found painful. More than once, he had experienced rejection at the hands of other LDS women who’d also been told, “RM or bust.”See, while Mark was born in the Church, he had become inactive during his late teens and early twenties.The rabbi will be notified and speak to you promptly about making the proper arrangements.We also recommend that you might consider making pre-arrangements in which case the clergy will be pleased to assist you.Any woman would be lucky to marry him, and I was thrilled he’d fallen for me. Especially if they were raised to believe that the title “RM” is a guarantee for righteousness. Serving a mission mean he honors his priesthood, loves the Lord, and is closer to becoming the “Prince Charming” young women are too-frequently promised.

The Director of these schools and can be reached at (941) 552-2770.

The Kohanim there performed specific rituals in accordance with days of the week and festivals.

Today, Kohanim, believed to be the direct descendants, perform certain roles in the synagogue and are called up to read portions of Torah with reference given to their lineage.

What to do if there is illness in the family Please let us know if a family member or fellow congregant is ill or hospitalized by contacting the synagogue office at (941) 955-8121.

Our clergy try to visit members and their close relatives in the hospital and healing prayers from the bimah will be recited.

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