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My die is RCBS 30-06 sizing die and ive broke or bent three decapping pins so far.

Lot: 1007 Estimate: £50.00 - £70.00 Category: Domestic & Rural Bygones, Militaria, Golfing, etc Three bench mounted roll turnover reloading tools, one by hawksley, together with a capper decapper -4- More...

The roller bearing worked well, but it will not ben... Use a solvent like Hoppes #9 or Break Free for cleaning, then lightly oil with LPS to prevent rust.

To remove rust, spray the dies with WD-40 or dip in 30 weight motor oil, and buff them with 000 ...

if so I think putting them in an oil bath will work (QT motor oil) Rick I've got the RCBS HD decapper. I use a Lee decapper [ Decapper Base 30 Cal } for decapping military brass. I think most die sets that are made for military rounds usually have a heavy duty decapping stem and pin in them. Are the decapping pins bending or is the decapping stem? Boxer-primed cases should deprime with very little more trouble than commercial loads, although repriming can be a hassle if you don't swage the crimp out of the primer pockets. Last time I tried decapping military crimped primers they started going "bang" and I will never do it again.

Never had a pin break on it but it can only be used on .270? While it will work on your 30-06 it won't work, for example, on a .223 or 25-06. I have witnessed it on stored oily firearm left loaded. Cheezywan I reload all kinds of military brass using my standard RCBS dies and have never had a problem. I knock out the primer then trim the cases to proper lenght ,then ream the primer pockets in a Wilson trimmer tool. Fired the empty primed brass and spent the extra time cleaning a barrel but not more decapping live crimped primers. On fired military brass I routinely plan on loosing 3 decapping pins for every 100 rounds decapped -- been doing it for years and those are the averages.

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