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Facebook often makes changes to these settings and, when it does so, can even reset your secure settings. Protect your online passwords and strengthen them too Many of us use passwords we won't easily forget, like 1234, our birth dates, or our home towns.

Never respond to any emails with account info or passwords.

This document, of which 500,000 copies were made, garnered considerable public and government criticism when it was first released for its lack of explanations or conveyance of the reasoning behind the advice that was given.

The Estimates Committee were similarly bemused by the advice, calling for its withdrawal.

The online image will appear completely normal, but whenever someone tries to right click and save it, the resulting file will be the blank foreground image — not the background. Another option is to break your photo into smaller image tiles.

These will appear as a continuous image, but anyone trying to copy your image will end up saving only one tile piece at a time.

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