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After washing hair, consider air-drying instead of blowdrying.If you must blow-dry your hair, use a heat protectant like Tie your hair up on occasion to give your hair a break from the damaging effects of styling whether you use heat, or simply brushing or combing too much on a daily basis.If you are looking at hairstyles for older women, you have three basic choices – short, medium or long.In today’s episode of the Sixty and Me Show, I has the opportunity to talk with professional hairdresser, Denise Mc Adam about medium length hairstyles for women our age.Making it to your 60s with long hair is something of a victory.After all, there are many times during our lives when we face a lot of pressure to cut our hair.Finding the best long hairstyles for older women can be a challenge for exactly this reason.There just aren’t as many examples out there, compared to short and medium length hairstyles.

Los Angeles stylist Chris Mc Millan advises parting hair on the side.

The shorter the hair.....more physco and incomplete they are!!!!!!!

When you have short hair there aren’t very many styles you can choose from.

I've never understood it as nice long hair will cause me to overlook other body issues, but short hair just exaggerates them.

Long hair, shoulder length or longer, is always more beautiful than anything shorter. I my past trials with women the longer the hair....are better as a woman as a whole!

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Read on to discover some quick tips for caring for and styling long hair for older women. Having long gorgeous and healthy looking locks as you age is truly a blessing.

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