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We all look a bit awkward there, we just met a few hours earlier, but before the end of the night we were eating of each other’s plates and drinking out of each other’s glasses like we’d be friends for a 1000 years.

These waters that run a constant 98-102 °F are rich in minerals like silica and sulfur that make it perfect for exfoliation and treating skin ailments, hallelujah!“Do we have to shower naked at this one or can we get in it dirty, like pigs?” asks my mother, on our way to swim at the London Fields Lido swimming pool.We all got our own #Reykjavik Life itinerary and some went horseback riding while others went on a Reykjavík Summit helicopter tour and then we had dinners and all kinds of activities together as a group. I’ve written a lot of posts where I mention the Blue Lagoon and the whole showering naked before entering a pool debacle and sometimes I’ve noticed that people are a little bit afraid of visiting both the lagoon and the swimming pools because of aforementioned nakedness.The last activity we did was a group trip to the Blue Lagoon. So I decided to approach this visit to the Blue Lagoon as a timid traveler and see whether the Blue Lagoon is really something to be scared of.

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As a nation wakes up to the news that an Icelander has masturbated on live television for the first time ever, the usual questions of ‘is it art? ’ will doubtless be resonating around social media and workplace canteens up and down the country.

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