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" The two showrunners, who first worked together on the NBC show Heroes back in 2006, had been busy with their own projects – Fuller was deep into his baroque re-imagining of Thomas Harris' cannibal gourmet Hannibal, and Green was working on scripts for the revisionist X-Men blockbuster Logan, the upcoming Blade Runner reboot and an all-star take on Agatha Christie's Murder on the Orient Express.Once upon a time, an author who was not from this country came over to America to live.He found it a strange, wonderful, fascinating place, and eventually wrote a book about the various pasts, presents and futures this land contained.And it is often more animalistic and lust-driven than regular “romantic” sex.Five-minute frolics are great because they are reminiscent of the beginning of a relationship when it is difficult to keep hands off one another.

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Many people loved it, including a man who'd made an eye-popping, groundbreaking TV show about a serial killer and a screenwriter who penned scripts about the death of a superhero and the rebirth of a replicant hunter. The gods of TV programming, who were also pleased, favored these gentlemen with a Sunday evening timeslot on a premium-cable channel, the highest blessing they could bestow.

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