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It's by Marni and we love the mix of red, black and white printed squares.

A Every one of the trailers has, at times, focused on Harley’s, um, “assets,” whether she’s putting a shirt on or, in a scene Michael Bay would be proud of, bending over.

Bryce Dallas Howard has become the latest celebrity to engage in the proud tradition of teasing comic book movie fans, as recent tweets have them excited at the possibility of her playing Poison Ivy in the upcoming “Gotham City Sirens.” Created in 2009 by “Batman: The Animated Series” mastermind Paul Dini, “Gotham City Sirens” features Poison Ivy, Catwoman and Harley Quinn, as they band together to protect themselves in an increasingly unstable Gotham City.

Margot Robbie is slated to return to the role of Harley, with “Suicide Squad” director David Ayer in charge of the project.

'Water off a duck's back' wasn't just a gimmick: It was literally what I was saying to myself on the runway.

I have two wonderful drag sisters who I perform with in Seattle, Robbie Turner and Ben Delacreme. There was a lot of animosity between me and other drag queens because I came out of nowhere and got to one of the highest positions for a drag queen in Seattle.

was exciting enough to get the rumor mill running and fire up the loins of comic book geeks everywhere.Enter Howard, who was asked by a fan on Twitter on Saturday about whether she’d be interested in playing the seductive villain once known as Pamela Isley.He was a serial womaniser, whose battle with drink and drugs almost cost him his career.Robbie just said: 'Let it just be water of a duck's back.Don't even listen to this.' I could only hear her voice throughout the race, and I think it helped me a lot.

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