Self liquidating arbitrage loans

- Why do most bankers cringe when you ask them to act as a fiduciary for your Self-Liquidating Loan?

Law enforcement agencies around the world spend millions of dollars each year (beyond the millions lost by would-be borrowers) in investigating and prosecuting the con-men offering such loans.

This is just flat out criminal "advance fee" fraud and you should contact your local law enforcement authorities immediately.

What self-liquidating loans are (these are also sometimes called "Arbitrage Loans") is best explained by how they purportedly work.

You have, no doubt, heard about SELF-LIQUIDATING (Arbitrage) LOANS for years. Each year, around the world, literally thousands of people lose millions of dollars attempting to get Self-Liquidating (Arbitrage) Loans.

These people come from all walks of life; from the highly educated affluent professionals to the working-class high school dropouts.

But, they can only begin their investigation after the victims have been fleeced and the con-man involved has moved-on to another area (usually under a different name).

And, in too many cases, when the law enforcement agencies finally track down the con-man, the victims are reluctant to come forward and admit that they were conned, or they still hold out hopes of getting their loan.

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