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Used when the publisher changes, or when the place of publication associated with the earliest publisher changes.The current publishing statement may be added with first indicator value 3.Defined as “No information provided” for monographic works that are complete as first issued.Only one publishing statement may contain first indicator value # in a record.Information in field 260 is similar to information in field 264 (Production, Publication, Distribution, Manufacture, and Copyright Notice).Field 260 is useful for cases where the content standard or institutional policies used do not make a distinction between functions All data elements are separately subfield coded except: 1) qualifiers and subscription addresses added to place names, 2) statements of the function of the publisher, printer, distributor, etc., and 3) adjacent dates of publication, distribution, etc.Data given in a subsequent publishing statement can be changed to reflect the current information when only the earliest and most current data is needed.Place of publication and any additions to the name of a place, including an address, bracketed correction to erroneous information, or bracketed clarification of a fictitious place.

Founded in 1904 by a group of people led by Cosme Damião, Benfica is one of the "Big Three" clubs in Portugal that have never been relegated from the Primeira Liga – the other two are rivals Sporting CP and FC Porto.The first of the five-ship Robert Allan RAstar 3400 series — with modifications, SL Curtis Island, was delivered last December and, since then, SL Quoin Island, SL Boyne Island and SL Heron Island have been commissioned.The Bureau Veritas-classed tugs, are 34 metres long, 14.5 metres wide, have a maximum draft of six metres and have Fi Fi 1 notation.NET Framework and on Unix-like machines over the Mono framework.The source code is released under a BSD License, a commercially friendly license to embed Open Simulator in products.

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Open Simulator is an open source multi-platform, multi-user 3D application server.

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