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The 26th is Genius Go Go Go (天才衝衝衝)'s special program where all four leads were to be present.Baron Chen had previously agreed to be present, however, as the date nears he is using "need to leave the country" as the reason for a need to cancel making CTS and the production team hopping mad.On the eve of its release, Wu Chun decided to make his big confession via his official fan site.He began with his view on romance, speaking freely about his stubborn dedication to love.doing his best in his dramas and movies,i guess the fans just HOPE Wu Zun to be with Ella, Angela, Ariel,or Charlene.BUT, I love Chun Ella as a rumoured couple,but i won't care whoever Wu Zun is with,i just hope Ella, Wu Zun, Angela Zhang, Ariel Lin, Charlene Choi,do get their hapiness,no matter who is their partner is. As a fan of them,we just can hope they can be happy with their partners,but we can't decide their fate.

When she traveled with her sister to Taipei for a holiday, Ella discovered that her older sister had registered her for a singing competition.

We would be glad to solve any problem you have ASAP. Whenever she is back to Taiwan, they will hold their chance of meeting each other.

In the mean time, thank you very much for visiting and it would be great to help us spread a word. The report said Ella's mysterious boyfriend is Tommy Chao (趙士懿) and he is a rich mister in the finance industry.

Married to Teenage Sweetheart Determined to break the mystery, the media traced Wu Chun’s career back to his native Brunei.

There they discovered what was considered an open secret.

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Following the conclusion of the contest, Ella returned to her duties at a local hospital, but received a call from HIM International requesting an additional audition. When Ella first tested out her signature, HIM employees were concerned that the signature would be easily forged due to its simplicity; thus, during S. E's early days, Ella signed autographs using the last character of her name, (pinyin: During her career with S. She returned three weeks later to promote Super Star.

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