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If you think freedom is alive and well in check out the Orange County community that was baited and harassed by an fbi informant and when they reported the informants terroristic comments (as all good Americans should do) they landed in a mess with our freedom protecting government.

The worker who pays 28 percent in taxes for working while Romney and his wealthy cronies pay 14 percent tax on profits from investing in things that make him more money, proves that we don’t value work or God in this country we value money and everything including freedom of speech takes a back seat to that.

David Abraham ist Professor für Rechtswissenschaft an der Universität von Miami.

Vor seinem Wechsel in das juristische Fach lehrte er moderne deutsche und europäische Geschichte an der Princeton University und an der New School for Social Research in New York.

The increased mobility of people, goods and money has for years been creating a larger and larger population of dual citizens in the United States, Germany and the EU, Asia, Latin America and around the world. Not courtship or relationship or marriage or sex advice. And if you believe what you see in movies and on television, gay friends are duty-bound to help their straight friends when it comes to these things. And while the platforms come in every shape and size… So let’s put together a dating profile that plays to your strengths… Because, well, I’ve had some experience in that department. If you’re single and serious about dating, you have a dating profile. each with their own culture and with their own ecosystem. You’re a well-adjusted adult who knows a little bit about what makes you happy, a few of the things that people like about you, and a smattering of things that get in the way of first, second, or third dates.The United States Census Bureau's gauge for the city's populace expanded to 1,300,092 as of July 1, 2015.A humid subtropical climate is there in Dallas which generally experiences in the Southern Plains of the United States.

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It means scanning the photos you use for identifying information (is your address or license plate in the photo—are you wearing a t-shirt with your employer’s name on it).

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